Custom storytelling for  entrepreneurs and organizations

Maybe you're an interior designer or home furnishings maker, or a career coach or wellness practitioner, or some other type of creative entrepreneur. Perhaps you work at a charitable foundation or nonprofit. Whatever your expertise, storytelling can play a vital role in the pursuit of your goals.

Potential clients or donors need to know what you do, why you do it,  and what makes you so brilliant at it.

I can help you tell that story.


Personal storytelling for individuals


Something remarkable happens when a person discovers the power of their personal story.  Even the most successful people are often surprised and inspired when I tease out the narrative arc of their experiences and growth.

I can chronicle the paths you've taken and the possibilities that lie ahead of you, and the final result can be a powerful tool for both your personal growth and your professional success.

I'd love to tell you more about this process.

Next Steps...

Let's discover how I might help with your personal and/or professional goals.