What designer Betsy Burnham and HGTV’s Vern Yip taught me about decorating with the family pets in mind

Vern Yip loves good design, but he loves his dogs just as much. So we had lots to discuss when I called him to discuss my column on how to decorate when you've got furry pets in the house.

I also got good advice from Burnham Designer founder Betsy Burnham, who often designs for pet owners.

Many pet owners today “are designing a space around their animals,” Burnham told me. “Most of the time, I hear, ‘Oh, we’ve got dogs and a couple of cats and three kids, so please be mindful that we can’t have anything too precious.’ Then there are these really specific requests, like, ‘I’d like a built-in dog bed in my island in my kitchen.’”

Durable (but soft!) high-tech fabrics like Nanotex make life easier, Burnham says, and if you have cats, it’s also helpful to choose fabrics that are smooth: “We sort of embrace leathers and flatter weaves," she says, "so that the cat can’t get their claws into it."

Want to learn more about decorating a house with furry occupants and get advice from small-space expert Kathryn Bechen?

Read the full story here.

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