Vern Yip loves good design, but he loves his dogs just as much. So we had lots to discuss when I called him to discuss my column on how to decorate when you've got furry pets in the house.

I also got good advice from Burnham Designer founder Betsy Burnham, who often designs for pet owners.

Many pet owners today “are designing a space around their animals,” Burnham told me. “Most of the time, I hear, ‘Oh, we’ve got dogs and a couple of cats and three kids, so please be mindful that we can’t have anything too precious.’ Then there are these really specific requests, like, ‘I’d like a built-in dog bed in my island in my kitchen.’”

Durable (but soft!) high-tech fabrics like Nanotex make life easier, Burnham says, and if you have cats, it’s also helpful to choose fabrics that are smooth: “We sort of embrace leathers and flatter weaves," she says, "so that the cat can’t get their claws into it."

Want to learn more about decorating a house with furry occupants and get advice from small-space expert Kathryn Bechen?

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