How do top interior designers hack the flea market experience? I asked Jenny Dina Kirschner, Jaclyn Joslin and Jessica McClendon for inside advice on hunting for second-hand treasures.

Arriving at a sprawling flea market on a crisp Saturday morning can be exciting. So many potential treasures might be hidden among the dusty piles of cast-off, second-hand goods.

Yet often it’s overwhelming, even for experts. With acres of furniture, art, accessories and more stretching out in front of you, where do you begin?

With a list, suggests New York interior designer Jenny Dina Kirschner, who rarely goes hunting for vintage items without one.

Know what you want, and focus on items that are unique to the local area.

"I found a Bavarian deer head carved out of wood when I was in Munich that is so interesting and unique to the Black Forest that I simply had to have it,” McClendon told me. “In Ireland, I zeroed in on textiles and antique bibles or prayer books.”

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