New York interior designer Young Huh has always added touches of glamour to the rooms she designs. Lately, she says, clients are asking for even more of it.

“I think it’s a backlash from the years of midcentury modern and minimalist leanings,” she says. “People want lush fabrics, over-the-top finishes, and gold and silver touches. Clients are looking for a little fantasy and magic in their homes.”

Los Angeles designer Jessica McClendon hears similar requests. Her work has always been infused with “casual glamour,” she says. But now she sees a movement away from simplicity and toward bolder looks inspired by the rich fabrics and intricate embellishments on fashion runways.

I spoke with Huh, McClendon and interior designer Kristina Crestin about balancing the sometimes over-the-top glamour of materials like velvet with things like clean, sleek lines and calming colors.

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