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For nearly two decades, I've been reporting and writing about the building blocks of daily life in America -- things like how we decorate and organize our homes, and how our living spaces can make our lives better. I write about how we pursue our relationships and raise our kids, and how these experiences can shape us in good and difficult ways.

I also write about the places and ways so many of us travel, and how life-changing it can be to experience yourself amid another country or culture, whether you're briefly visiting or living long-term as an expat.

And I write about our celebrity-driven, pop culture- and marketing-saturated world. Along the way, I've interviewed hundreds of people -- famous and decidedly unfamous -- to tell their stories and perhaps even help them understand their own lives a bit better.

I've done this writing for regional, national and global media outlets, and you can find a portfolio of hundreds of my articles right here. This work includes my long-running monthly home design column for The Associated Press.

The best part (the part that's all about you) is this: I've discovered along the way that nothing is more interesting than telling the stories of individuals, families and entrepreneurs, and helping them see their lives celebrated through this work.

So while my journalism work continues, I've also begun doing custom work for a select group of clients. Whether you need custom content for your website or social media channels on a weekly or monthly basis, or you need a really compelling "About" section for your website that truly showcases you, or you're seeking to document and preserve pieces of your family's story, or you're at a moment of personal transition and are seeking a "narrative reset," I can help.

Next Steps...

Entrepreneurs, my writing can help grow your business. Tell me about your work and I will offer you a customized proposal describing a range of affordable, impactful content services that can help achieve your goals.

Individuals, my work using writing to chronicle the paths you've taken and the possibilities ahead of you can be a powerful tool for personal growth and professional progress. I'd love to tell you about it.