Writing and Editing Services

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Custom content for creatives

Maybe you're an interior designer, a fine artist or a home furnishings maker. Maybe you're a career coach or a wellness practitioner or some other type of creative entrepreneur.

Whatever your expertise, you need to tell your story. You need to let potential clients really know what you do and what makes you so brilliant at it. And to truly grow your business you may need to help journalists and media outlets shine a light on your skills and knowledge.

I can help you do all of that.


Personal writing for individuals

Something remarkable happens when a person discovers just how powerful their personal story really is -- even the most successful people are often surprised and inspired.

I can chronicle the paths you've taken and the possibilities that lie ahead of you, and the final result can be a powerful tool for your personal growth and professional progress.

I'd love to tell you more about this process.

Next Steps...

Tell me a bit about you. I'd love to discuss how I can help grow your business and/or help with your personal goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an interior designer and I’d like to have custom content written for my blog. Can you do that? Absolutely. With more than a decade of experience writing about every aspect of home and garden design for national and international media outlets, I can create content that showcases your expertise and grows the audience for your website and social media channels. I can also build and manage an e-mail newsletter for you and populate it with compelling content featuring photos of your designs and stories highlighting your style and your unique approach to interior design.

I have a small business and I want my website to really highlight who I am and how I came to be running this business. Can you help? Yes. In fact, these are some of my favorite projects. So many small businesses have a fascinating origin story behind them. Through a brief but targeted interview with you (and with some of your colleagues, employees or customers, if you wish), I can make sure your website illuminates the people and the mission behind the products and services you offer. And if you’ve always meant to have a blog on your website (or perhaps to start a Medium page or offer content elsewhere) but haven’t had the time or experience to populate it with great content, I can help with that, too.

What kind of personal writing services do you offer for individuals? Sometimes the best way to powerfully move forward is to consider the path that’s brought you here.
My personal transition writing services, designed originally for women but valuable to anyone, are all about telling your story to help you navigate important life changes. Perhaps this means navigating a divorce or transitioning out of your child-rearing years, or another transition that involves moving your life forward.

As you focus on where you’ve been and where you’re going, I can use storytelling to support and deepen your experience. This “narrative reset” is an easy and enlightening process: I can interview you and write a detailed feature story about you — the equivalent of a magazine cover story —  charting your journey and teasing out the moments of strength and accomplishment that you may have been too busy to notice. This written document can be something you keep private and use for personal inspiration or something you can share publicly in part or in full, as you wish. And to build on this experience, I can also coach you on powerful personal writing and helping edit your final draft, whether this is for purely private use or for publishing in some form.